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My friends are quite crazy, and we like to try new stuff. Last week we had a party where we all got drunk and did nasty things. Even if I do not remember this particular detail, it is said that we took a bet, and I lost, so I have to meet a guy online on one of that sites with sexy cam boys.

It is not my idea of meeting boys, but if I promised I will do it, then I have to do it. I am also doing it because I want to help my friend, Priscilla, who is really shy, and she had no boyfriend yet. I just wanted to show her that boys do not bite, especially on the internet.

We all gathered at my house one evening, and we had some snacks and wine. I assured my friends that my credit card has enough money to go hunting sexy cam boys. I signed up on a site that girls recommended me. I have no idea what experience they have with this kind of stuff, but I was not sure what to expect from it. It was rather simple to choose some features, and then we let the fun begin. The bet was that I had to make a guy to get naked for me and to jack off in front of the camera.

I found this guy, Robby, who was all bored and waiting for something new. I asked him some random questions, and we jumped in it. I mean, in the private chat room where I had to pay by the minute. I only had 20 bucks, so I could not stay longer than half an hour, and I had to make him cum before the time was up. He could not see me or my friends, and I only typed him what to do. I have to say, sexy cam boys are real porn stars. This guy was smoking hot with his sculpted muscles and his blue eyes. The girls were all laughing at me saying that I could fall for this guy, Robby. I have to admit, he was gorgeous, and his giant dick convinced me. I had to invent the hottest scenarios in my life to make him cum. He was happy to masturbate for me, but they usually fake it, and I had to make him to cum for real.

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